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Posted 22nd June Category: In a time when witches were burned, having a special ability could be a gift or a curse. It could even be both. But there is far more to Hastings than the scar that everyone looks away from, as he comes with baggage from a doomed previous marriage. And who keeps trying to harm Rosalind and why? This is in my attempt to get a good overview of romance and all it offers.

Aside from a weak start, which did suggest cheese, The Spurned Viscountess is rather good. Hastings is a good hero and his slow development into realising his true feelings is well written. Even the bad characters are interesting. The identity of the mystery person may surprise you, the descriptions of locations delight. Her family was awful to her, considering it was hereditary, you'd think that her family would have been supportive.

I liked her at first, I just thought of her as a bit of a doormat. What bothered me is that she never defended herself, never spoke up, and she went through a lot! There was a murder plot don't worry, no spoilers and the little idiot got bashed in the head, pushed off a cliff, shot at, pushed down some stairs, goodness you name it?

It happened to her! And every time her husband warned her to take a footman, or to not leave the castle, or to ask him to go with her, she'd go off on her own! Every other page, she was being idiotic. And then she used her gift of mind-reading to interrogate the villagers without them knowing, but knowing the bits and pieces she found out endangered her. I'm all for a spunky, feisty heroine, but the stupidity level on Rosalind just grated. Lucien, on the other hand was a piece of work.

But I liked him. He woke up after a severe beating in Italy, and a woman nursed him back to health. They married I'm assuming that's how he became Lucien, rather than George the Viscount Hastings , and when Francesca was pregnant, they decided to travel to England to see if his memory could return. Well, they were attacked and she was killed, so his trip down memory lane became a quest for vengeance. What I liked about Lucien was that he was able to love Rosalind too, and realize that he wasn't being unfaithful to his late wife, or desecrating her memory by loving his new wife.

Too often in romances, we see the hero realizing that maybe he never loved his first wife, or that is was more affection than love. He was able to make room in his heart for love again, and I appreciated that. What I didn't like was his not consummating the marriage for almost 3 months. It was grounds for annulment, or what if he was killed?

She could be stripped of her title and financial security. I also didn't like how he never gave Rosalind any credit when she finally grew a backbone and told him someone was trying to kill them. The story picked up from there, and it was interesting. I never saw who the villain was-I was waaay off on my guess, so kudos to you Ms. The smuggling ring and the plots to kill Hastings and Rosalind were definitely intriguing.

The treasure plot felt a bit too contrived, and thrown in there for no reason other than to add a red herring. I did enjoy the foppish cousin Charles, and I hated the Lady Sophia we're meant to dislike her.

I would say that if you want a different take on an arranged marriage with the vengeance-obsessed hero, and the witchy heroine, this is your book. The twist in the ending, with the murder plot, smugglers and even a kidnapping made the book all the more interesting. View all 13 comments. May 10, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it liked it Shelves: This is a Quickie Review.

Review: The Spurned Viscountess by Shelley Munro

For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. Lucien was attacked while traveling abroad, and lost his memory. Nursed back to health by France This is a Quickie Review. Nursed back to health by Francesca, he eventually falls in love and marries her, and soon she is expecting their first child together. They travel back to England to investigate his past prior to him memory loss, but before they arrive at their destination, they are ambushed and both Francesca and their unborn baby are murdered. Overall, I enjoyed it.

This story was dark, angsty, at times creepy, with just enough action to keep things interesting. Dec 22, Belinda Boring rated it really liked it. I love the uncertainty, the struggle as passions ignite to the point where it seems almost impossible to deny. All her life she has been plagued by a curse that has placed her life in constant threat from those who would discover her secret and label her a witch.

Not wanting to give up the dreams of a loving husband and mother, Rosalind refuses to be turned away and vows to make the best of the situation, hoping to win over her husband in friendship. Lucien slowly warms to her but there is mystery and danger in the air as Rosalind becomes the target of a malicious stalker, one who is hell bent on harming her. This stalker could be anybody, even the allusive and dangerous Hawk, leader of the band of local smugglers who Lucien is searching for but until the truth is revealed Rosalind must be careful.

But is it too late for love with danger around every corner, ready to destroy them both? Or by teaming up together, can Lucien and Rosalind find the threat and overcome it? Definitely a good reason to read the book! I enjoyed the mystery behind everything although I will admit I was a little worried when I pretty much figured out who the mysterious Hawk was early on in the book.

Would the author continue to keep me engrossed or would the book be all downhill now the suspense was over. I loved the attention that the author paid to Rosalind and Lucien with the different scenes she had them together in and the warming of their relationship. She had fire and determination which was evident each time she challenged Lucien when he ordered her about. She knew what she wanted and even though at first she tried to act proper, she quickly began to speak freely, something necessary because with all the danger that surrounded her, no one was taking her seriously.

Even though it annoyed me the way that he treated Rosalind in the beginning, I understood it because he was so deeply troubled and emotionally scarred. But I loved the way his mind turned and his heart softened. This was such a great book and one that left me with the feel good feeling I love so much. It kept my attention despite knowing the villain and had my heart hoping for Rosalind and Lucien from the beginning. Originally posted at http: That would knock some sense into his addled brain.

Marrying Lucien, Viscount Hastings, was the best she could hope for in her situation. When she arrives at Castle St. Clare she is rudely told by Lucian that this marriage is not wanted. But Roseland wants security Originally posted at http: But Roseland wants security and a family of her own so she goes through with the marriage; only to discover that Lucian truly meant what he said.

Lucian has just recently returned from the continent mad for revenge for the men who murdered his first wife and unborn child. He may have to marry Roseland, but he will never love her. As accidents and close calls plague Roseland and threaten her life, Lucian will have to set aside his animosity and fear and find out who wants her dead and why.

Roseland comes off at first as easily intimidated and a bit silly. I liked how Ms. Munro fleshes out her personality.

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Roseland gift is handled well and we see her use it through out the story. Lucian comes off very autocratic and aloof. He has no time for Roseland and even goes as far as to think she is trying to seduce him into bed when she begins to tell him of the strange happenings at the castle. Rather then listen to her, he just orders her to stay home and quit getting into trouble. As you get his background story, you understand why he is the way he is and it goes a long way to forgiving his attitude.

I also liked how Lucian is not forced to choose between his love for his first wife over his second wife. Often these stories will take the first wife out the picture completely; leave the hero to be with heroine guilt free. Munro allows Lucian both his loves.

A nice historical romance with a hint of paranormal and a suspenseful mystery. Smoothly written with a flair for dramatics; I found the characters and their actions to be in keeping with the era of the times. Well written with a fast paced plot. The mystery is convoluted and Ms. Munro does a fabulous job of keeping you on your toes and guessing as to the villain till almost the end.

I did feel there were a few small story lines that lacked depth and could have been developed more or just deleted. It kills the romance a little. A nice read that held my attention till the end. Aug 29, Torzilla rated it liked it Shelves: I've been on a historical fiction spree as of late. Before I begin, it is important to note that the paranormal aspects do not play a huge role in this tale. I was warned of this before I read the novel, so I didn't have any expectati I've been on a historical fiction spree as of late.

I was warned of this before I read the novel, so I didn't have any expectations about that part. Overall, this is an enjoyable read. The storyline kept me intrigued from the first page all the way to the last. I kept wondering how Rosalind was going to win Lucien's favor. I wanted to know what would happen between the two, and whether or not Hawk, our bad guy, was going to get caught earlier rather than later.

I wanted to know what was going to happen to Mary, despite how annoying she was. The twist at the end--Hawk's identity--caught me by surprise. I definitely did not expect that person to be Hawk. Though now that I look back, it does make more sense. I had a few problems with the tale. For starters, I found myself craving for more showing over telling. We have all of these events transpiring, and yet, I didn't always feel emotionally invested with what happened to Rosalind and Lucien.

At these points, I felt more like an impassive bystander looking through binoculars. Rosalind had a tendency to lift her chin up a lot. I would have enjoyed a few other actions used to explain her defiance or stubbornness; perhaps clenching her fists, placing her hands on her hips and narrowing her eyes, pursing her lips After a while, I began to roll my eyes whenever there was something about her chin.

Then I began to wonder if Rosalind had a weird chin.

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It always seemed to grab Lucien's attention first. I thought Lucien's appearance towards the end was way too convenient. I also thought Rosalind should have used her powers before she wandered off with the two men she left with, especially when she began to catch glimpses of some weird thoughts. I don't know, that's what I would have done the second I felt something was off, despite any reservations about my mind reading abilities. A word of warning for those of you using NetGalley: Formatting, I've noticed, is very wonky when it comes to NetGalley titles on a Kindle.

This story is no exception, and I struggled with POV swaps because of said format. So if you decide to get this title via NetGalley, please keep that in mind. When I reached the final page, I gave a sigh in relief, now that I knew Lucien and Rosalind finally had their happily ever after. Oct 05, Charlie rated it really liked it. A classic regency romance with a strong female character and a stunningly likable male counterpart. Shelley creates a world where beauty masks ugliness and initial prejudices are pridefully wrong. The tale is packed with intrigue, scandal, plots and romance.

The excitement builds through events and erupts in a heated confrontation that digresses beautifully as promised.

Shelley Munro - The Spurned Viscountess || The Worm Hole

Readers who enjoy Lauren Willig's Carnation series will certainly enjoy Shelley Munro's style and writing. Rosiland's defiance i A classic regency romance with a strong female character and a stunningly likable male counterpart. Rosiland's defiance is a touch redundant, but she is a young, strong-willed bride so it fits with her character traits. A couple phrasings were modern and I wondered if the references were factual to the time period.

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Lastly, the reference or word choice used for the male member was crude in comparison to the other sweet and elegant sensitivity used to describe romantic coupling. Nov 10, Debbie rated it liked it. This book started off a little roughly as it irritated me in a few spots where Munro would use the same turn of phrase several times within a few pages. I got the point the first time and did not need to hear that over and over. I also thought the story was a little silly and yet something about it caught my attention and kept me reading. The Characters Rosalind had this very cool power of being able to touch people and see their thoughts but of course during this time period that made people susp This book started off a little roughly as it irritated me in a few spots where Munro would use the same turn of phrase several times within a few pages.

The Characters Rosalind had this very cool power of being able to touch people and see their thoughts but of course during this time period that made people suspicious that she was a witch. Her character did rub me the wrong way a little because of the fact that she was so desperate to marry and have children she was willing to take any man. I can understand her desire and came to accept this but then she rationalizes at one point that she cannot let Lucien be killed because that would kill any chance of her having children.

That just came across as very cold even though you know that is not supposed to be her true character. She also irritated me in that she suspected someone meant her harm and yet she continued to defy Lucien's orders to take a footman or someone else with her when she left the house. If you read my previous reviews you know that I like strong female characters but hate when they do stupid things just to prove that they won't be ordered around by the men in their lives.

Lucien initially behaves like a real ass towards Rosalind. I understand he does not want to remarry after losing the love of his life but he never stops to think that Rosalind may not have a real choice other than to marry him. He treats her horribly before he even gets to know her and I felt like although you should think he's noble for staying true to his love of his first wife a real gentleman would at least have been kinder to Rosalind. He does redeem himself later in the story so I cannot say I disliked him completely.

The Romance I thought the build up of the romance was nicely done as we slowly see Lucien and Rosalind come to love one another. The pacing was great as you see Lucien come to terms that his feelings for Rosalind does not mean he is betraying his dead first wife. It was also nice that neither of the characters fit your standard romance mold of being stunningly handsome or beautiful.

The Story Line I have to admit that the identity of the killer was somewhat of a surprise. There was one character I suspected all along but it turns out I was wrong. The story line itself was not bad but it was the characters actions that made the story line feel silly and hard to swallow. Like I mention above after Rosalind gets shoved out of her been, pushed off a cliff, shot at and a host of other things that makes her realize that obviously someone means her harm and she still goes on her way ignoring any attempt at caution.

Then there is Lucien who despite all the evidence at first refuses to believe that anyone means Rosalind harm. It doesn't strike him as too much of a coincidence that all of this is happening to his new wife not long after someone targeted and killed his first wife? I know this review sounds very critical of the book but I have to admit once I got into it I had a hard time putting it down. So I may not be able to put my finger on exactly what it was but it definitely had something that reels the reader in. Aug 17, Daisy rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed reading this book, old fasioned romance is one of my guilty pleasures.

The two main characters were likeable. Rosalind isn't a weeping lady waiting to be rescued, she tries to do some rescueing of her own! She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go out and take it. Lucien lost his memories after being beaten up in Italy, where he met his first wife, Francesca. She was shot and died in his arm, traumatizing him immensely.

She was also pregnant at the time. The only reason Lucien is I enjoyed reading this book, old fasioned romance is one of my guilty pleasures. The only reason Lucien is in England is because he heard an English name the night Francesca died and wants to find the man responsible for her death. We see him warm up to Rosalind as he finds out it's okay to open his heart to someone else again, that it doesn't mean he didn't love Francesca.

One thing I didn't understand was: His wife only died 10 months ago and I understand the need to produce an heir being the heir to the family estate himself, but why so fast? Why not find someone himself after 1 year, 2 years or more? He's still young, there's no hurry, and besides, men can have children even if they're seventy years old. I liked that Rosalind and Lucien slowly got to know each other and their relationship flowed from that. One thing I thought was odd was how Rosalind would sense people's thoughts when touching them, but was rather naive at the end when she felt bad vibes coming from someone and did not think to act on it.

The rest of the time she was much better at estimating a situation. One thing I missed while reading this book was romantic tension to make me cry. I never once cried and I always cry, I'm such a sap I avoid reading books like this in public places because people look at me funny. Struggling lovers make me cry more than death, I can't help it. So, while this was an enjoyable read, it lacked a bit in the romance part for me. Jul 10, Mikaela rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone that like Historical Romance. Historical Romance, Carina Press, available as e-book The review: