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They are as follows: Simply repeat the critical moves that worked the first time: Large Solution Level This is also true for high-assurance systems, where more rigor of system definition Solution Intent and other activities are likely to be required.

Launch More ARTs and Value Streams

Their tasks may include: Establishing solution intent and Solution Context — Determine the responsibilities, process, and tools to define and document solution intent and solution context. Establishing large solution, Vision, Roadmap, and Metrics — Many elements of the spanning palette may be required for large value streams. Introducing Capabilities and the Solution Backlog — Larger value streams benefit from the use of the capabilities backlog item, in which case the Solution Kanban must also be established. Whether they are already embracing Lean-Agile and SAFe principles or not, they must be integrated into the new way of working.

Lean enterprises often take an active role in helping their suppliers adopt SAFe, as it improves the economics of the larger value stream. Whatever the case, the suppliers must at least be integrated into SAFe events at the large solution level. Launch More Value Streams Launching the first full value stream is a major milestone in the transformation. Other purposes include collecting feedback, offering suggestions for improvement or points of discussion, or identifying challenges. In short, whatever is needed. There are no WIP limits for the funnel.

When ready, a value stream is pulled into the transformation backlog state. Transformation backlog — The transformation backlog is the to do state. This is where value streams are prioritized for transformation based on opportunity and support from relevant stakeholders. Value streams stay here until they meet the following exit criteria: Leadership prepared — Value stream stakeholders have been trained in the new way of working, established and communicated a sense of urgency, built the guiding coalition, and developed and communicated the change vision.

Value Stream Canvas defined — The value stream itself is further defined and the value stream canvas is created see Create the Implementation Plan. A coaching plan is created. The tracks — The tracks represent the doing state, where the ARTs are structured, launched, and operated to achieve the aim of the value stream. There are five intermediate stations on this track, described below.

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The tracks are WIP limited in two ways: Sustain and improve — Once an ART can run independently, without the constant attention of coaches, the train is moved to the sustain and improve state on the BVIR. This state is not WIP limited: The Tracks The tracks are where most of the transformational work takes place. Stations on the Railway Tracks The stations are as follows: If I should find a job that I enjoy doing, then I will relax. If not, then I will save even harder until it no longer matters. Matt December 19, , I might be able to get away not tracking all my finances to the penny if my financial picture was extremely simplistic, but I have far too much going on to keep it all straight in my head.

The best example is the credit card: I have the CC account setup to automatically pay the statement balance every month. If you have a rental property I do , you have to at least track all business-related transactions for tax purposes. Lindsey December 19, , For me, keeping daily track is a good motivator.

It is a lot like weighing myself…SOme folks are just motivated by different techniques. I tracked my spending by category by month for over 10 years using an excel spreadsheet. For me it was the pathway to financial independence. I agree that tracking every penny might be counterproductive for some people, and putting the graph on the wall might be asking too much, but I believe budgeting carefully over time provides a roadmap to the end goal as well as a great motivator to spend less.

I tracked very faithfully for a couple of years, then slowly let it go, but am itching to get back to it. Pretty much any purchase seems worth it when examined individually. Ralph December 26, , 4: Kelli, late to this subject. I use a spread sheet and track heavily for a few months. Then knowing my spending pattern, I allow that amount for a period. If the total spending seems to be rising I go back and record everything for a while. Matt G December 19, , 6: The life energy concept was a real eye opener for me. How much time does everything cost.

Goldeneer December 19, , 6: There is still much work to be done before I can fully retire in the next 5 years such as paying off my mortgage. Lesson number 2 of figuring out your real earnings and spending is something I should calculate. Calculating my real earning and spending can put my variable expenses in a better perspective. P-Money December 19, , 6: Yes to keeping a chart with your budget or net worth visable for everyone in the household to see!

One of the biggest reasons people overspend is that their money is some sort of imaginary thing. By putting it in a chart with your direct performance visable for all to see, you are getting right up in their face. Shawn December 19, , 6: May I suggest you publish a book? Obviously your content is easily accessible to readers via the web but a book seems to stamp something as real whatever real is. An e-book is best IMHO.

I like the video. Especially the first 50 seconds. The interviewer is a little wacky though. Headed Home December 19, , 7: I second the e-book idea. It could be a compilation of your best posts — or just the ones that focus on Mustachianism. How many other personal finance books swear and chide to get results and cement ideas? Noel December 19, , 7: I had this book on hold at the library and it came in yesterday.

I look forward to reading it. I bought the book for my sister and her husband probably ten years ago as a Christmas gift in a vain attempt to change some of their behavior.

Doug December 19, , 8: I also read this book many years ago and recommend it to anyone who is mustachian or wishes to be. Other good books are How to Survive Without a Salary by Charles Long, and any books by Derek Foster, a guy who has a wife and kids and still managed to retire at age His website is http: Lisa December 29, , 1: Bullseye January 5, , 6: The latter wrote Stop Working! Both books are Canadian, and probably unfamiliar to non-Canadians, but both are worth reading!

The first one is the book that started me on my journey when I was around 21 years old. I still go back and re-read it every year or so. Johnny Our Freaking Budget December 19, , 9: Step 2 looks to completely revolutionize this line of thinking in my head. It will undoubtedly depress me out of purchasing just about anything save Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Money Mustache December 19, , Eschewing Debt December 19, , 9: Sounds like a great read! Debbie M December 19, , 9: My investment income was infinitesimal. I did not get good ideas on how to reduce my expenditures more. My real hourly salary was actually depressing in the opposite way than was expected: I spent no extra time dealing with my job I had to get dressed anyway and I read during the bus commute , I spent virtually no extra money dealing with my job still made my lunch usually, free bus commute, business casual clothes cost the same at thrift stores as other clothes, no day care needed , and I got loads of benefits free health insurance, free access to university library, fabulous pension, free bus use.

So the numbers instead warned me that quitting would be expensive. But this has become wonderfully sophisticated over the years and I really like that it is totally under my control. Reading older books really underlines how much financial instruments change over time, so even if you have the perfect setup for now, you need to keep educating yourself. Kuz December 20, , 5: I had a similar realization when I calculated my actual earnings per hour.

I work for a public university that includes free classes even phd ones , free bus passes, discount sports tickets, cheap health care, and crazy matches on IRA contributions. I also have less than 5 min bike commute and can wear anything to work. RichUncle EL December 19, , 9: Thanks for sharing the nine steps made popular by the book, I had seen the steps before, but you provided a unique twist to them. I always enjoy a mustachian point of view. Shilpan December 19, , In nutshell, FI is about developing two brains between your two ears.

One to motivate you to earn more early on in your life so that you can put that money to work for you, and second to not know how much you make so that you can live simply. Your life will be at FI crossroad sooner than you think,. It always amazes me how closely this blog parallels my life the timing anyway not the FI. Putting in a garden door? Well yes I am. Thinking of buying a truck? The only thing it would cost me is time. Would we spend it wisely pay down long term debt or winter holiday?

Somewhere out there is a happy medium. Keep up the great posts MMM.

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I look forward to them every day. Holly ClubThrifty December 19, , There is nothing ground breaking in it. Yet, it made me think completely differently about and money that I spent. RetiredAt42 December 19, , We followed very few of the steps, mostly just the philosophy. Six years later, we paid off our mortgage, and about 12 years later, we retired from our corporate jobs.

Joe December 19, , Like many others, it was my first FI book and provided the spark that lit the fire for me to start the FI journey. Did someone else write that, or are you talking in the third-person? Or am I totally on crack and the meaning of the sentence has gone over my head? Matt December 19, , 1: No Name Guy December 19, , 2: Freeyourchains December 19, , 2: Games like the Fable Series, have you buy houses you adventure past and rent them out for passive income as you adventure on to kill baddies from town to town.

You can even get married and have children and buy a castle at the end. I have never read the book either but I generally agree with your comments. You would have to have too much of the recently legalized pot to buy the 30 year treasury bond.

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Not only in the interest rate ridiculous, but as interest rates rise, the value of your bond on the bond market is going to take a huge hit. Considering where interest rates are, there is really no place to go but up. Why is inflation nothing to worry about? At the rate the fed is printing dollars, inflation will raise its ugly head. This is a huge tax on the middle class. Matt December 19, , 4: I really liked the book and most of its viewpoints. Did he sacrifice too much? Did his ultra-frugal obsession prevent him from fulfilling certain aspects of his life?

It strikes me that MMM is frugal, while Joe was cheap. Frugality, and the smart use of money always wins in my book. Gerard December 19, , 4: Seems like the guy was pretty plugged into the idea of loving others: Matt December 19, , 6: He died so young, seemingly never married or had children, and my guess was that he was an only child.

It is totally conceivable he had a great life. That one sentence just haunts me for some reason…. Money Mustache December 19, , 7: Apparently they had a steady stream of houseguests that he loved to host and help out. It must have been quite a thrill for him, starting that movement and rolling it along for so long. I used this program to become financially independent in my mid-thirties and over the years read a lot about these two. I also did some audio course with them that had more details about their life together.

I love them all but especially the 4 hour body. Nothing like becoming a polar bear to loose body fat. Are you planning on doing a part 2 of the 4 hour body? You guys are the bomb! You deserve all the success and happiness in front of you. You guys deserve it. Just reading this tires this old man out. Thanks for the post and the hard work. I also want to take note of the special emphasis you give to giving first. Do the work first, play later. This also comes at a very good moment for me to read this. This article was informative, useful and positive. I enjoyed reading all of it even the pointers, I will say what most stood out to me was the research on testosterone.

Its very concerning how this affects males and there sex drive. A big complaint women have nowadays is how unmanly men are these days, from sex drive to their emotions and lack of action! It is a great job what your doing in reviving men not just for mens sake but for the women to enjoy them too! I know a lot of what you write as well as other bloggers, experts, and authors is mostly written with an Entrepreneurial bent to it. What I am curious about though, have any musicians, artists, fiction writers, etc. Some great information here!

I have been in the publishing business for years and this information is invaluable. I wonder if you have any plans of writing a post about the details of getting products or a muse into retailers. Course the 4 hour work week covers a lot of that but, more so directed to finding a distributor weather it be through a broker or on your own? This is inspiring stuff for new authors. Hey Tim, great post! Congrats to Roman and Adam on their success too. This book looks incredible and I loved the post but more than that I was really sold on the book!

So I went to Amazon. Is there a strategic reason for this? Will there ever be one? Kindle is perfect for me. As for the Happy Gilmore comment, loved it! Thanks for such a great post. Love the post Tim. I think they have a great marketing story, but the content is, well… rough. I enjoy your recommendations and guest blog posts, even this one to learn about the journey to getting the book published but ultimately this was a miss for me, and I am surprised you would have endorsed the book so whole-heartedly. I am returning the book today.

Very simply, there is more than one way to skin a cat. On the other hand, Alpha is a more cohesive program that is intended to be done in order. Also I appreciate the fact that you are embracing the feedback even when it leans toward the negative. I have much respect for people who handle comments that way.

I am sure many people will get a ton out of the book and I wish you continued success. I know plenty about information marketing in terms of digital products, like ebooks and membership sites and stuff, but VERY little about publishing a book… ya know, like a real book. I knew Man 2. Love the personal touch and storytelling that goes into the email newsletters, blog posts, sales copy and now the book.

Hi Tim, I just wanted to say that my husband just bought us all three of your books, and we are absolutely loving them! Really digging these last few articles on writing and publishing. Getting a seven figure advance is phenomenal, no doubt about it, though it becomes a lot clearer how it happened when you break it down. John has clearly put in a lot of hard work since in building his blog, network, and overall business.

However, to achieve a seven figure advance you need to be a runaway success like John, but at that point you could just as well write the book for free since you already have a healthy revenue stream. Going from 80 hours per week to 40 hours per week is still a huge win.

Two Types of Net Worth

Some things are opposites of what the 4HB recommends. What a great post. The level of detail was excellent. I have added this one to my Evernote and will be referencing it often. You should have posted a link to the cow briefs. I became addicted to DB Snatches, best lift ever for a D lineman. I will be adding you to Twitter and checking your book out after this post. Thanks again for a top notch post. It reads like 1 huge blog post with very limited useful information. This is a great roadmap to selling big on your first book — but leaves out that it needs to be at least a decent text to have a shot of selling a second.

Truly sorry you feel that way. Are you looking to write a fitness book? Tim, thank you for your video blog 2 weeks ago on Facebook and for answering my questions live on the Feed. My questions was about pitching to Shark Tank. Your answer directed me to the correct blog on your site. We received a phone call at 6: It looks like we are getting a chance to swim with the sharks. Thank you again for all of the help that you give us hard working entrepeneurs.

Sometimes all someone needs is a chance at reaching their goals and dreams and you help that. We have put everything into this business and have worked so hard.

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Great blog post with so much useful content. We were supposed to only have 1 minute pitch but ended up being about 10 minutes because i fought for it. They tell us we will here something by this Friday. Heck what more could I of done. I feel good about the Pitch and our Battle for our Concept. Our Fight league is cash flow positive and making money each week so that will continue to grow. Hey anyone out there that wants to jump on board with GPG let me know I have put everything, all my time and heart into this company.

Thanks TIm and Team. The info is extraordinary and my two pages of notes gives me a great starting point. I am deeply grateful. Reading your four hour chef chapter on meta learning I realized I had come across a learning method for Drawing and Art that was close to what you has done for Kanji its called Monart and the inventer has written several books. The book includes a chart of basic curves to memorize and practice deconstructs objects into combos of these shapes. Are you or your publishers actively looking for new proposals.

I have what I think is a very unique and dark life story and would like help in all areas related to publishing and marketing my book. Is there a private email I could send more info to or ask more direct questions with specific information. Your story besides being amazing, allows every else to dream the im possible. I just wanted to point out: Even if we assume that it IS all about who you know, the fact is, who you know is totally within your control.

You can put yourself into position to meet and connect with almost anyone. Tim has published several posts and stories about individuals who put themselves in position to meet everyone from athletes to Obama. Yes, that was fortuitous. I went to an event in Austin specifically to meet him, changed my flight specifically to have a chance to sit next to him, and basically made myself as helpful as I could be to him. Not only did the content shared at the event have a direct impact on me and my ability to write and market a bestseller as outlined above , but the connections I made there have been invaluable.

I hope that perspective helps, and I truly hope you read and get some value from the rest of the post. Tim, and John, First off, thank you for sharing your successful experiences with us and love your great writing skills. Your post was more than informative it was inspiring and arming me for the big but rewarding challenges at hand. Being a celebrity will help me but it is no replacement for a winning business plan. Thanks again for a bold professional book proposal game plan and the inspiration.

Now I must go and seek a good Book Agent. Would all of the advice in this article apply to memoirists and fiction writers, too? Without much publicizing at all I got the blog up to subscribers during the trip and have continued to blog about my grieving process and life without Scott. Thanks for any additional direction you can point me in. So far, the main feedback is: I will rejig the marketing section of the synopsis along the lines suggested above.

Happy to hear any other suggestions — some great comments on here so far.. Dark clouds-there was a girl called engie mahlo. They go to meet each other. I publish my own books, and sales of my paperback books are over 6 figures, per year, through Amazon. I would be interested in finding out how to do even better than that. Any tips on who I should contact?

Before we get started, a few statistics: There are 4 primary ways to prove credibility: Established influencer Our proposal highlighted these things dramatically, focusing mostly on the below. How this happened is explained below. Strategic Partnership or Platform You also have the option of creating a partnership, as I did with Adam. That looked a little something like this: Makes declarative, absolute statements. These get retweeted more than questions or links or pieces of content.

Fortune cookies are better than content? There are a few ways to do that, but the simplest is hashtagging; anyone who is searching through hashtags is actively looking to follow and interact with new people. Because of our relationships with the editors at various magazines and websites, we were able to guarantee placement in the following places: My primary way of doing this was to stop accepting payment for articles. Acquisition All stories need a climax, and ours was pretty exciting. Conclusion Getting a 7-figure book deal as a first time author is a strange concept.

But there is no free lunch: Which would you choose? Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. As usual, what an awesome and comprehensive guest post. This is basically the go-to guilde in building a business plan as a book proposal. Another great post and more insight into an arena I hope to be a part of someday. And then maybe again. Amazing read, will definitely highlight this post to my audience. Keep up the amazing content Like Like.

None of this stuff actually works. Joel is the only person who has ever out eaten me. Wait, that came out wrong. Joel is the only person to have ever consumed more food than me in one sitting. Your first publish one how to eat the enter world in one meal will make millions: I appreciate the kind comment and heads up.

Hi Tim et al. I love first time author stories, especially this one. Wow, talk about opening the kimono. Thank you, Roman and Tim. Evernoting this… Like Like. Best, Tim Like Like. Gee Tim, I think I can cut down on my spending at Amazon and just read your blog posts!! A 7 figure advance is unreal, however, this story is not.

I choose a smaller advance for my book for the very same reasons you said Neil did. And, yes, will to have byu the Man 2. Thank you, Joel and all , for all of the wonderful comments! Pura vida, Tim Like Like. Sound game plan for anyone willing to put some work in and Not dream about it. Thanks to both of you Tim and Roman! So glad you enjoyed! Good post and good thoughts all around. Hey William, Ah, the promo blitzkrieg!

Hope you enjoy the book! And, I think for a lot authors, that might be the thought process. Again, great post; just one thought that jumped out at me. Cheers, Tim Like Like. Incredibly well written article, gentlemen. Where were you in when I needed this?!?! Given your rate of content production, it will probably take you about a week. Wow, this was a fantastic article. Sorry if I missed it. Thanks again Like Like. I cannot thank you enough for putting these thogether. Getting more and more.

Hey Jason, It was in the original post, but cut for length. You now have a new follower! Do Adam and Roman know or have an idea of what the second book would be about? This is a really great question. Two things factored in heavily. Roman and Tim, You guys are the bomb! I would totally buy it. I give the 4 hour work week as a gift for every occasion. So much great content here.