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I was on your mind in your darkest hour. Even then, I was on your mind. The world fell apart that night and you were there. Judgement came for me that night and you met it there. Not a simple trade at a rugged tree.

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Not just brokered blood, bound for debt. So much more than tattooed skin, etched with our excess. A more dire degree than dust swept away with broken breath.

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For it was not our sin that was applied, but our selves. A people seizing salvation, without the knowing of our need.

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  • We, not upon His skin, but beneath it. He could not simply accept our sin upon Him. Our anchored Advocate had to become the scandal.

    Had to be with us at its very inception. At the crest of of crime.

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    At the origin of our offense. A participant as if it was His wrong, because we are His right. In order to never be separated, He was God with us, even then.

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    • We, the wretched we, filled every sense of Him. He saw, smelled, tasted and felt weighted into Him; the shame, the remorse, the resist, the regret. Asking the Lord to shine the Light of Jesus John 8: As Royal Priests 1 Peter 2: Our testimony is what the Blood of Jesus does for us: The sins are now put to death Colossians 3: En el caso de eBooks la venta se realiza en.

      Terraforming for the Kingdom, with Scott and Sherri Norvell

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      We Build a Kingdom #1 Intro and Terraforming

      Datos del producto Editorial: Resumen Terraforming is the Lords announcement of the fulfillment of the prophesy of Revelation Valoraciones usuarios 0 0 0 0 0.