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Pooshme Daily: Are We Interconnected?

By Gilbert Ross on Saturday February 3rd, Individuality, diversity and uniqueness are celebrated and lauded as the highest achievements in our Western society. We admire individualism, initiative, free thinkers and those who chart new courses. But, what if all this rugged individualism and diversity is leading us further apart; is fracturing the very basis of our connection and humanity? And is, in fact, a major cause of the disconnection and severe problems facing humanity today?

Reconnecting with Our Natural State

This is a marvelous thing and should be something that grows and spreads through all corners and pockets of the world. So much conflict and violence still arise out of intolerance for diversity and uniqueness, and so much destruction has been done to our biosphere for lack of appreciation of the real beauty and value of our biodiversity.

Whichever angle you look at it, there is this root notion that we are deeply linked at some level, beyond our apparent differences. By understanding what oneness is, we can start to experience it. The reason is not that hard to fathom. It can only be accessed through an abstract conceptualization and not through direct experience. Hence it does not belong to the world of sense perception and experience. It is not empirical but a sophisticated idea that requires contemplation and some inner exploration—or consciousness exploration.

Roland Griffiths, a researcher at John Hopkins, who has carried out several studies on Psilocybin and other psychoactive substances, describes the mystical experience to have three common characteristics: In many ancient philosophies such as Taoism, Kabbalah, Hinduism, etc, we find a more or less shared reference to a dynamic between the One and the many.

The idea always runs somewhere along the lines that there is a point of origin—a cosmic vibration, a sound, a word, a creator, a mythical figure, a source, a God or plain nothingness—that gave rise to the multitude of form; the many. The One and the many are pretty much the same thing, even though this may sound like a paradox to the human mind. The One is in the many, as much as the many make up the One and originate from it at the same time. Also in many spiritual traditions, mostly shared in Eastern thought and Philosophy, there is the concept that the world of forms is an illusion , whereas the One is the ultimate truth and reality, even though—and here lies the paradox—there is no separation between the two.

We can also see this from the more modern concepts of a matrix reality with reference to the blockbuster movie , the simulation model of reality, and the holographic model of Mind and the Universe. The idea is that reality, as known by our senses, irrespective of how solid, rich and real it may feel, is nothing but a simulation, an illusion or a dream in Tibetan Buddhism—a Bardo state.

Principle of Universal Oneness - All Things are Connected! Mitakuye Oyasin!

One of the biggest illusions, according to people who subscribe to this perspective, is the illusion of separation—the perception that we have a sense of Self that is separate from the World and others; the idea that we are special, different and at the center of our Universe. Spiritual truth and expansion of awareness implies piercing through this screen and coming closer to the source of this projection; closer to the One. Quantum theory has brought a lot of strangeness to the flat Universe of Newtonian mechanics. With relevance to us here is the subtle but concrete parallel between the idea of Oneness and the underlying Quantum field that interconnects everything.

The Physics of Oneness ~ The Interconnection Behind It All

This concept has caused many to ponder on the profound veracity of the spiritual concept that we are fundamentally all one, as has been told by the ancients. Now the peculiarity of the hologram is this: And this keeps on going on and on, no matter how small you cut the film. In non-scientific terms, this means that the information of the whole image is found repeatedly in every part of the film, no matter how small. There is a field he called the implicate order, which is like that film containing all the information of the images that come out of it. In a spiritual perspective, this can be conceived as the One, God or the Dao.

The reality we perceive, such as this physical Universe—the many forms—is nothing but a projection, or a set of projections, out of this implicate order. Everything is sacred and has deep value when seen from the ecological web of life. Everything is connected and life supporting. As we are unconsciously depleting our resources, destroying entire eco-systems and making whole species extinct, we are quite literally doing that to ourselves. And this is not rhetoric or wishy-washy talk. Many ecologists and evolutionary biologists have stood up to resonate this ancient wisdom and sensitivity towards the Oneness of life, in different echoes and tones.

But what does the idea of Oneness mean in the 21st century? What value does it carry? What message can it pass on to future generations? I think that the message that we are all One has more relevance in these times than it ever did before because of our very sensitive position in our evolution. The radical shift in collective consciousness just mentioned above has to include, at its most basic level, the recognition and awareness that we are fundamentally interconnected and one system.

It needs to become our modus operandi; a template out of which most, if not all of our decisions—political, economic, technological and social—are made. The One and All, I am God: This is the greatest legacy of philosophy; and without our teachers of old, our necromancers, we would be unable to transcend the painful temporal succession, finally rising to the conception of our true freedom, sub specie aeternitatis [under the aspect of eternity].

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Baruch Spinoza, The Emendation of the Intellect ; s ee also: Kindle edition available now, final printed edition available from 25th November Please follow the link above to get a copy if you are interested in becoming more deeply acquainted with the ideas described above. Do you feel interconnected to all things? Do you recognize a unity in the cosmos? For permission to reprint, contact us. By Caroline Hindle T Big Bang , consciousness , discoveries , Earth , galaxy , humankind , life purpose , perception , philosophy , quantum theory 4 Comments About the Author: Caroline Hindle Caroline Hindle is a freelance writer, editor, and translator living in Athens, Greece.

She has an MA in Ancient World Studies, but has a wide spectrum of interests, including philosophy, history, science, literature, politics, morality, and popular culture. Related Posts Schizoid Personality Disorder: Russell November 21, at 7: For most of my life I have studied various philosophies as well as science. I also did an enormous research of near-death experiences.

From that work I write and facilitate workshops on NDEs, and the spirituality of science.

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Thank you so much for your comment and your interest in the book I referenced. It is an excellent read. The work you are doing sounds fascinating. With all due respect, have you ever considered not taking theory for fact? Everything, and everyone, is interconnected, yes. But not in the way that is commonly innerstood. Speaking about the Big Bang theory does not validate any other claim. I am speaking, in this article, about the unity that is central to different explanations of the world, from the view point of different disciplines.

Philosophy is a discipline that involves extremely rigorous examination of assumptions and strict reasoning. Nothing in philosophy is just thrown out as an idea. Science deals with observation of phenomena and makes theories about what is possible based on what is observed. Neither discipline indulges superstitious thinking i. They continually develop and correct themselves.

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