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But of course it was. What transpired had been nothing more than an extravagant send-off for the guests who were leaving. I follow my creed, if I see an injury, I heal it. Be it humans, Witches, animals, birds, fish, bugs, or Mabeasts, it makes no difference, any wound on a living being is my enemy! Yes, but, unlike in life, everything you do here is a burden on me.

Minerva crossed her arms, propping up her ample breasts, while the other two Witches wryly smiled. In fact, her actions consisted entirely of healing, and the number of lives she saved in her lifetime must have surpassed the tens of thousands. This being the algorithm of the Authority of Wrath, no one besides Minerva could perform it. Even Echidona, who could understand its construction, could not replicate it. The healing power of her punches is the product of an algorithm which twists cause and effect by force and expends incredible amounts of mana to activate.

The mana required far exceeds the capacity of humans, and, even for a Witch, Minerva could not possibly manage it alone. In that case, where did the mana for her strikes come from? Ordinarily, when humans use magic, it is done by drawing mana from the atmosphere through their gate, converting it into magical energy, and then releasing it once more as spells. By repeatedly doing this, the mana that should originally be provisioning some place in the world would never reach it, and with the drying up of mana responsible for sustaining the fundamental structures of the world comes the extreme danger of natural disasters befalling that part of the world.

She may have healed over tens of thousands with her punches. Therefore, the Witch of Wrath Minerva was among the most dangerous of the Witches bearing the names of Sins, such that she was regarded as an enemy of every nation. All I can do in here is draw up whatever mana you have, Echidona.

Her adorable face took on a visible shade of gloom as the blond-haired Witch looked up to the sky,. You can rest assured. Clicking her fingers, she produced a teacup. Then, bringing the steaming cup to her lips,. I will affirm whatever choice he makes. As Echidona brought the tea to her lips, a pitch-black coffin came inching up beside her. Daphne, who had settled herself inside her coffin once more, was attracted over by the assorted sweets on the table.

Munching straight through the sweets, Daphne ate up the plate as well. Seeing this, Echidona sighed before looking over the other Witches who were now taking their seats at the table. And liars… are sinners? I always act in accordance to what I desire. Seeing Echidona scowl at being caught in the concentrated barrage, the other Witches smiled. The only one still sulking was Minerva, glaring at her with the corner of her eyes tilted up.

Minerva too, how long are you gonna stay grumpy about it, haa. Ugh, I know, I know. I know everyone agreed on it. I hope you know that]. Daphne jutted in, prompting a snort of displeasure from both Minerva and Sekhmet. Especially between Minerva, who could take offense from anyone, and Sekhmet, who dislikes quarrels, there was no shortage of these little skirmishes.

Every time, Daphne would get between them by striking to the heart of the matter with one of her tone-deaf comments. Those were the days from four hundred years ago, never to come again. Satella was driven mad by her Witch Genes, Minerva died insane inside a trap, Camilla perished in a sea of flames, Daphne withered to death in an ocean of sand, Typhon drowned in a flood, Sekhmet fell at the Great Waterfall as she decimated the dragons, and Echidona collected their souls even as she herself was tied to the world by soul alone.

I have no reason to be sad. Is, that, really alright?


We, are… mn, al-already……dead. She had prepared the vessels, and housed their souls inside them. But their souls were frozen at the time of their death, without a single change afterwards. So was the Camilla that Echidona was seeing now truly Camilla herself? So how could one explain this, except by the fact that they were being generated by Echidona herself?

Seeing Echidona like this, the other Witches, who had not been paying attention up to now, all turned to look at her.

And, showered in all their gazes, Echidona spread out her arms,. Now, the tea party will go back to just being us Witches for a while. You were always so insistent about getting your compensation or whatever]. Would you guys laugh if I told you that was my parting gift to him in consideration of his foreseeable tribulations? While she put her hand to her chin and pondered, the other Witches looked at each other. Then, sharing a nod, they opened their mouths at once,.

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Saying this, Minerva folded her arms while the other Witches nodded in agreement. Echidona closed her eyes in front of their unanimous opinion, and, clearing her throat,. I guess we still have a whole lot of things to talk about. But seriously now, is that really what you think of me? Before the silent Witches, Echidona drank up the remaining contents of her cup, and then, bewitchingly licking her tongue over her lips,. Chapter 80 Live Draft: Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Very curious about what happens there next, even tho i spoiled myself a bit from the wikia..

I always get complaints from people when I do Arc 6 chapters… I want to know what happens too. Take your time chicken sandwich. Arc 6 will make more sense once we see the rest of this arc. Yess arc6 pleaseee, we dont need arc Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for the chapter, Chicken….

​interlude II

Dona is not the Dona she was long ago. And what did she take from Subaru this time? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z! Anyway, Minerva now is rejected for project Heal The World. This was quite a chapter my friends.

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  • It was way better that the whole chapter got published in one go, I still think you should keep doing it like this. Satella killed all of the witches right? Then why are there different reasons given for their individual deaths? I mean did she even die in the first place? Help me out guys!

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    • And also thank you Chicken Sama for all your efforts! Judging a sinner when she herself is a witch of sin and the one she accused is another witch of sin. Let us first time reader theory craft please. She did it save her and satify her curiousity. So even if Betty suffered for what she did Echidna welcomes that too. Hey Chicken, thanks for the chapter. Wrath — He can use fire and heal by punches.

      Greed — Knowledge and speed of light damages. Sloth — Power of invincibility 4. Glutony — The power to erase and remove anyone 5. Pride — To take part and lead an army 6. Lust — The power to become someone and power to take from something. Envy — To reverse everything. To absorb everything he desire. Subaru might be the real Flugel, Sage Candidate, like Steinsgate, he must make a move that will lead him to become one.

      Sounds like bullshit to me. Or is that something he says in the very last released chapter in arc 6? But considering what happens to him there, I very highly doubt it. After all, he should not even know about it in his condition.

      Alt-J - Interlude 2 Lyrics

      Not the authorities, the arcbishops or the witches etc. There is no official confirmation of this. In fact, she never does confirm it herself. She always let him say whatever he wants. And since when do Mr Oblivious comments are the absolute truth anyway? Subaru knows jack shit. Return by death is still debatable.

      It could still be something completely unique to Subaru alone. Or maybe a certain person from the Pelion mythology, whom I shall not name. I know you read the wikia. I just wanna show that some abilities has kind of similarity to the book of Genos.