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GOT a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? She has lots of random one-off pieces that are lovely, but struggles day-to-day. Mak says we wear only 20 per cent of our wardrobes and tend to buy the same pieces over and over, without thinking about what we actually need. Mak has a great trick to help you figure out what you actually wear. But if you find something that you love, like a top or a pair of shoes, buy them in different colours. If you work in a really corporate environment swap out some of the casual stuff for work clothing. Casual pant in taupe or mushroom: Look for a casual pant without external pockets or embellishments, such as stitching detail, so you can dress it up if needed.

Tailored pant in stone or taupe: Stone or tape essentially a few shades darker than your stone jacket will work best, but you can also select cream, off-white, pale grey or a very light brown in a more casual fabric than your tailored black pants.

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Stone, taupe or mushroom shorts that are tailored and not too casual in style will enable you to take these from day to night. Although a straight or pencil cut will be the most versatile, select an A-line or a drop waist if these flatter you better. Look for a skirt that has some detail so it can take you from office to play.

Choose a bold colour that makes you look and feel good, and that works with both black and tan or cream items.

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A coloured long sleeve top: Select a colour other than black or white to add interest to your wardrobe. A black long sleeve top: A casual day dress: Keep any prints or patterns small and congruous, with a mix of light and dark colours in the print for maximum versatility.

A little black dress: For both work and play, ensure the hem and neckline are modest enough for work and ideally look for a short or cap sleeve. A classic coat or trench in a stone or beige will complement everything.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

If you live in a warmer climate, choose a lighter weight fabric and shorter length coat. Make sure this gives you plenty of shape. It should not be too baggy and slouchy-looking on you.

My preference with t-shirts is scooped neck, not see-through, and a rounded hem for a loosey-goosey fit. My main requirement with tanks is having wide enough shoulder seam to fully cover bra straps. These jeans fit loosely, have a light wash, a medium rise, and a little distressing. I reach for them over and over when working from home in the summer.

These cropped linen blend pants were my favorite item of the spring.

Shorts: no Summer wardrobe should be without them!

Longer shorts that hit near your knee tend to make me look frumpy, so I avoid those. No body con form-hugging. No special undergarments required. Comfort is king with summer shoes. I included the Cons but I wear them the least. My brown Clarks leather sandals take me through most walking adventures. The black Tevas are what I keep by the door and slip on most days before leaving the house. Notice heels are left out.

NO SWEAT Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Megan Ericson

I only wear them for weddings or really fancy events. The capsule wardrobe is the ultimate solution to less stress when getting dressed.

Enough Shorts for a Wardrobe

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