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Approximately 30 minutes, 27 pgs. Adapted from the play Make Believe by A. The King and Queen are eager to decide who will marry their daughter since her suitors, who have rather hearty appetites, are eating them o Approximately minutes, 20 pgs. A narrator attempts to tell the tale of a farmer, a fisherman, and a weaver, but he keeps getting interrupted by an unruly host of characters.

It seems that everyone h Alien Education by David Braden Cast: Approximately 20 minutes, 20 pgs. To help Jesse earn a good score on her middle-school placement exam, Uncle Ed and Aunt Lilly have decided to hire a tutor, Mr.

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Small turns out to be an alien shape Ashipattle and the Giant Sea Serpent by F. Approximately 45 minutes, 37 pgs. Calcie, Put Your Shoes On! Approximately minutes, 17 pgs. In the town of Loaferville, people really like to wear loafers. This is a big problem for Calcie, since she hates wearing shoes especially loafers but loves wearing pink furry s Approximately minutes, 24 pgs. In search of a new home, Lenora the ladybug comes across a beautiful garden. But Bennie, the bean plant, and Special, the rose, tell poor Lenora to bug off and go live in a nearb Approximately minutes, 52 pgs.

This week, we celebrate the return of Mick Munter the Monster Hunter in a brand new story!

Listen to hear Mick Munter go on an adventure to find yet another mysterious and magical creature, the Skunk Ape! You can hear more Mick Munter if you scroll back in our catalog. All of our past episodes are available for download at storiespodcast. What happens when Jon and Maria visit a village that doesn't share? They make stone soup, that's what! A fun story about the importance of community. Become a subscriber at Patreon. The Dragon King is sick and needs a special cure that only Tokki can provide! This week's story is from Korean folklore and includes lots of silly voices and a tricky rabbit.

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Ad-free episodes at Patreon. The class Hopi story of spring. The beloved Blue Corn Maiden has been captured by Winter. With Summer's help, can she make her escape? Ad-free show at patreon. One of our oldest stories, Max Goodname and the Magic Armor. A fantasy story about a young knight, a wizard, a cleric, and a jousting tournament. The classic story of the lost axe and a fisherman's honesty. A great little fable from Aesop and ancient Greece. A story about how the grass is always greener and the pitfalls of wishing for the lives of others. A little bird is separated from his family and needs a place to spend the winter.

The Little Red Hen - A Musical for Kids

Will the trees keep him warm? Ad-free episodes on patreon. A scary voice has taken over the little rabbit's cave, but what are the animals really afraid of? Haktak are farmers living a quiet life, until they discover a magical artifact in their garden. From the classic Chinese folk tale! Rats are plaguing a small village, but one musician has an interesting solution.

Get every episode ad-free at patreon. The classic fable of the ant and the grasshopper! We're working on some longer stories and recovering from a full family flu outbreak so we're doing a rebroadcast of one of your favorites this week that a lot of newer listeners haven't heard. We should be back on the weekly schedule next week. A boy is born with a golden screw in his bellybutton. He wants it removed! A very silly journey follows. Four animal musicians, abandoned by their masters, try to make their way in the world!

Commercial free at patreon. An old Irish folktale about a Fairy rath rath is an old Irish word for glade and some farmer who invade their favorite Hawthorne tree.

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The conclusion of book 2! Some intense moments think Spiderman and Uncle Ben so be aware and enjoy! The classic story of the Gingerbread Man! Fun songs and a great holiday travel favorite. Jill has her toughest battle yet against the new villain known as Battlesnake. It's a Dinosaur Christmas! T-Rex just wants to open her present, but with her big head and little arms, she's having a lot of trouble. Will she find some friends to help her? Will Christmas be saved? Fun story with a fun song at the end!

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  6. Book 2 of the Brilliant Firefly! More action is brewing on the horizon. This may be for a slightly older audience than other stories, typical of superhero comic books or movies. Get the episodes ad-free at patreon. We see the new normal after Jill's adventure in the armor, and the Scarlet King makes a move.

    If you haven't listened to Book 1, definitely do that first! A silly poem in the style of Dr. Seuss offers a strange bargain and a fun little rhyme scheme. What if you could press a button and get a dollar, but somewhere in the world a tree falls?

    What if everyone had the same option? Listen and then talk it over! A Beautiful Day for a Duel. A Little North of Turnerville. Responsible People, Good Work Ethic. A Brush with Love. Me Tarzan, You Jane. The Story of an Hour. Ulysses and the Dogman. Eva of the Golden Hair. Notice How Young I Look. What Are The Odds? A Meeting on a Train. Religious or Moral Plays. Olivia Twist Rehearsal CD.

    Little Bigfoot - Rehearsal CD. Hamlet the Musical - Rehearsal CD. Rapunzel [Short Version] - rehearsal CD. Shut The Door Midi Files. Macbeth the Musical - Rehearsal CD.